L'ARPE organise ses

journées scientifiques

les 12 et 13 Mars 2019


La conférence QBIC-V

se tiendra à Marseille

du 8 au10 Juillet 2019



Le GERM organise

son 31ème congrès

du 26 au 29 Mai 2019


  Bureau de la subdivision MRM:

Sylvie Choua (Univ. Strasbourg) Présidente 

Luminita Duma (Univ. Compiègne) Vice Présidente

Maylis Orio (Aix Marseille Univ.) Secrétaire

Céline Pichon (Univ. Toulouse) Trésorière

3rd Thematic School: Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance



                                       "Magnetic Resonance, Understanding,

                                              Measurements and Modeling "

                                               Strasbourg, 2-6 June 2019

                                                                           Hotel Ciarus


Organization: Plenary lectures will be given over three half-days. Practical work sessions (1 day) will be of paramount importance and will be organized around NMR, EPR and DNP equipment at Strasbourg’s University and Bruker Biospin’s facility (Wissembourg). A half-day will be devoted to workshops organized to provide to the participants the toolbox necessary to analyze and interpret experimental spectra and familiarize them with simulation programs. The last half day will present applications of all the spectroscopies in various disciplines.


Goals: Fundamental teachings of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy, including the recent technical development of Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP), the latest advances in signal processing and pulsed EPR spectroscopy techniques.

The program will be based on interactive lessons focused on the practice, interpretation and modeling of spectroscopic data with a preliminary reminder of the theoretical foundations. Participants will be able to progress at their own pace while benefiting from the support of specialists.

!!! The school is free of charge for CNRS employees !!!


Deadline for registration: May 3, 2019

Scientific Committee

Burkhard Bechinger, Université de Strasbourg

Sylvie Choua, Université de Strasbourg

Marc-André Delsuc, CNRS Strasbourg

Carole Duboc, CNRS Grenoble

Serge Gambarelli, CEA Grenoble

Bruno Guigliarelli, AMU, Marseille

Bruno Kieffer, Université de Strasbourg

Philippe Turek, Université de Strasbourg

Bertrand Vileno, CNRS Strasbourg

  Contact :

• Sylvie Choua :  Sylvie.choua@unistra.fr

• Bertrand Vileno: vileno@unistra.fr

• Philippe Bertani: pbertani@unistra.fr

Local Organizing Committee

Lionel Allouche

Burkhard Bechinger

Philippe Bertani

Sylvie Choua

Marc-André Delsuc

Jérôme Hirschinger

Nolwenn Le Breton

Bruno Kieffer

Jesus Raya

Philippe Turek

Bertrand Vileno

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